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L A K E  T R A I L

Urban Design Intervention | November 2019


Gopal Samudram lake is presently abandoned and is the home ground for waste disposal. This project intends to revitalise the lakeside and capitalise on its true potential. Currently, there is a lack of recreational space within Katpadi. Through the development of a promenade, shops and restaurants, the lakeside will be transformed into a recreational hub for the public with the hopes of generating a sense of place and community feel. The addition of bicycle tracks, ramps and stairs cater towards smoother movement, especially for the differently-abled group. The main idea is to form a space that can be utilised for various activities throughout the day. The restaurant is the main anchorage point of the design and it acts as the first point of development along-side the lakefront. The presence of animals such as pigs found near the marshy areas adjacent to the lake. The excess vegetation in the area makes the site difficult to access. Existing natural contour is modified and utilised for creating various landscape. The main intention of the design is to create spaces that can cater to various activities. The main mode of movement within the lake is with bicycle or by walking. The integration of ramps with the landscape connects various levels and also helps in the circulation of bicycles and wheelchairs. The mounds that are developed alongside the staircases can be used for laying and sitting down. The extension of piers into the water body connects the whole promenade more with the lake and they are spaces where one can sit and relax. The amphitheatre space is located facing the water body and is arranged in such a way that it can be used by various group sizes. Small shops are disposed at certain intervals - they are mainly eateries. There is a park positioned next to the restaurant that can be used by children. Minimal pieces of equipment are placed for usage. The whole trail is safe and friendly for all age groups.

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